Supported Systems

​Business Intelligence Application: Argos

Argos is a Business Intelligence Tool that is designed to support reporting institutional data.  It works together with Ellucian and allows for standardized and ad-hoc reports to be created.

Course Management System: Canvas

Canvas is an Internet-based software application used for online course delivery.  The Canvas system is used for online curriculum, hybrid sections, and as supplemental to the traditional “brick-and-mortar” classes to meet the needs of both students and faculty to work inside and outside the classroom in ways that make sense to learning. 

Curriculum Management System: Elumen

Elumen is an outcomes-assessment and program-planning data management system. It’s a cloud-based software that’ll enable the colleges to collect and manage various types of data thus allowing us to make further observations and inferences about student learning.

Document Management System: Banner Document Management (BDM)

BDM is a document management system that is used throughout the district.  BDM captures paper and electronic documents and provides document storage, retrieval, security and archiving.

ERP System: Ellucian Banner

Ellucian Banner is a fully integrated solution for Admissions and Records, Financial Aid, Finance, Human Resources, and Payroll. These solutions leverage the same comprehensive data to maximize departmental efficiencies by improving departmental workflows, business processes, productivity, and efficiency across the entire district. Ellucian Banner is comprised of several UNIX and Windows servers, providing 24/7 access via the Cloud for Internet Native Banner and Self-Service Banner.

​Faculty/Staff Email: Microsoft Office 365

WVMCCD uses Microsoft Office 365 as its primary form of electronic communication. The Microsoft email system provides key features which enhance the user collaboration experience such as address book, attachments, calendar, folder and subfolder option, search, and deleted item retention.

Faculty/Staff Portal: Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint

The faculty/staff portal is built on a Microsoft Office 365 platform that provides access to class roster, current class schedule, budget and purchasing information.

Online Application System: CCCApply

Our online application solution was developed by XAP Corporation with the support of the State Chancellor’s Office and used by many of the California Community Colleges.  Ellucian has an integration solution to import the data into Ellucian.

Room Scheduling System: Ad Astra

Ad Astra is an interactive scheduling system that assists coordination of academic, event, and resource scheduling functions.  Ad Astra is integrated with the Ellucian system and assigns classrooms based on criteria established by the Office of Instructions.  The main criteria for assigning classes are: size of class and technology needed.

Student Portal: Ellucian - Pagebuilder

The student portal is built on a custom Ellucian platform that provides access to class registration system, current class schedule, financial aid information, and unofficial transcript, grades, units and GPA.