Current Bids

​Thank you for your interest in doing business with West Valley-Mission Community College District. We are committed to providing an equal opportunity for all business enterprises to participate in our purchasing and contracting activities.  To begin the process, please register as a vendor by clicking here: 

PlanetBids Vendor Portal

Once registered, you will be able to:

  • View and/or participate in District solicitations
  • Maintain your own vendor profile
  • Search for all bids and proposals and download documents
  • Bid electronically

Both formal and informal solicitations may be processed through our online system. All responses are due at or before the time shown on each solicitation. Late responses cannot be accepted. It is the bidder's/proposer's responsibility to ensure that the most complete and current version of the solicitation, including addenda, has been downloaded.

If you have any technical issues with our PlanetBids Portal, please contact Tech Support for online assistance.  Any District-related questions, please contact General Services at [email protected].

Bids Funded by Measure W

Work funded by Measure W is subject to the Project Labor Agreement for West Valley-Mission Community College District (“PLA”). Bidders and their subcontractors awarded a Contract for the Work must agree to be bound by the PLA during performance of the Work.

 Archived Bids - pre 2018