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DegreeWorks is an web-based tool designed to help students monitor progress toward completion of their program of study (major).  DegreeWorks analyzes a student’s in-progress coursework, completed coursework, and outstanding program of study requirements into an easy-to-read worksheet audit.  With DegreeWorks, students can:

  • View Educational Plans
  • View academic requirements for degree and certificate programs
  • View how completed coursework is applied to degree and certificate requirements
  • View all course options to satisfy degree and certificate requirements
  • View grades and academic standing
  • View cumulative, degree/certificate, CSU and UC grade point averages (GPAs)
  • Estimate how many semesters it will take to complete a program of study or meet transfer criteria
  • Calculate grade combinations needed to achieve a GPA goal
  • Plan for registration for future semesters
  • And more…!


  • DegreeWorks is designed to track your progress toward completion of your program of study, but is not intended to replace comprehensive, individualized counseling sessions.  
  • DegreeWorks is not an official academic transcript or notification of completion of degree or certificate requirements.  
  • Students who have declared a catalog year that is prior to Fall 2017 may not have a pre-existing audit in DegreeWorks. Students are advised to update their Program of Study in the Admissions & Records Office or see a counselor for more information.


An Educational Plan or Ed Plan is a semester-by-semester outline of classes you will need to take to reach your goal and is created in collaboration with a counselor.  There are two types of educational plans, an Abbreviated Educational Plan (AEP) and a Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP).  An AEP includes approximately one to two semesters of coursework and is meant to be a beginning plan to help you get started.  A CEP is a complete educational plan which lists all the courses you will need to take to reach your goal.

Note: You must schedule a student education planning appointment with a counselor in order for your SEP to be available in DegreeWorks. Contact the Mission College Counseling Office, the West Valley Counseling Office or the appropriate program office (CalWORKS, DESP, DSPS, EOPS, Honors, Puente, SUCCESS, TRiO, Valor) on your campus.

Accessing your Plan 

  1. To access your Student Educational Plan, click on the Plans tab above the header. 
  2. The plan will open in the Calendar View. You can change the view from the View drop down at the top.
  3. If you have more than one Plan, the Plan with Active: Y and Status: Locked is your official educational plan

For more detailed information, see the DegreeWorks Student User Guide.

 Worksheet Audit (COMING SOON)

The Worksheet Audit allows you to track your degree and certificate progress.  It contains Information about your completed and incomplete program of study requirements, including whether a requirement has been met, is in progress, or is still needed.  The audit automatically populates whenever you log in to DegreeWorks.

The top portion of the audit contains basic information about you (e.g., name, ID, GPAs, major, goal, etc.).  The rest of the worksheet is arranged into distinct sections which include:

  • Degree/certificate requirements 
  • Major requirements
  • General Education requirements 
  • Proficiency/Basic Competency requirements 
  • Courses Not Applicable to current Program of Study
  • Substandard Grades
  • Courses not counted toward the current Program of Study or GE

 What If Audit (COMING SOON)

Considering changing your program of study? The DegreeWorks What-If audit enables you to see how your completed and in-progress classes can be applied to different degrees and certificates offered at West Valley and Mission College before you change your program of study.  It will show you what courses are required for the new program, what courses you have taken that satisfy those requirements and what courses are still left for you to take.   The What-If audit can be found under the worksheets tab, on the left menu.  

To officially change your major, you must submit the appropriate paperwork to the Admissions & Records Office.  See the FAQs for details.


General Questions

DegreeWorks is available through "My Portal" which can be accessed on Mission College or West Valley College's main web page.  If you are unable to access DegreeWorks, submit the appropriate form:

Worksheet Audit Questions

No. At this time, external coursework will not be automatically applied to your Worksheet unless you request a Transcript Evaluation or Course Substitution.

Student Education Plan Questions

If you have created an education plan with a counselor in DegreeWorks, you can view it in the “Plans” tab which is located at the top of your DegreeWorks main page. You can view your educational plan in either calendar or notes view. In notes view, terms will be displayed vertically and you will be able to see any term-specific notes entered by your counselor. In calendar view, terms will be displayed in three columns across your screen and you will not be able to see any term-specific notes entered by your counselor.