The Office of Governmental Affairs serves as the external relations and public affairs division of the West Valley-Mission Community College District's Chancellor's Office, based in the heart of Santa Clara County. Our team collaborates with senior executives to establish and foster strategic partnerships in business, government, and education, leveraging these alliances to further the strategic goals and initiatives of the district's regions and partners.

Our work encompasses the following key areas:

  • Monitor and review relevant local, state, and federal legislation, assessing their impact and preparing detailed analyses for the Chancellor.

  • Develop, coordinate, and represent advocacy initiatives and campaigns in hearings, meetings, or written submissions in alignment with the district's approved legislative positions.

  • Draft and implement districtwide policies and procedures related to governmental relations and public communications, encompassing media relations, legislative advocacy, and community outreach.

  • Advise the Chancellor on public relations opportunities and challenges, promoting the Chancellor's mission and major policy directives, views, and program initiatives while liaising between the Chancellor and local, state, and federal policymakers.

  • Create and manage diverse communication mediums such as newsletters, email updates, articles, and strategic communications for the Chancellor and the broader district community.

  • Organize legislative meetings and events, actively monitoring legislative committee hearings, and representing the Chancellor’s Office before legislators.​