Our Purpose

Promote the success of West Valley Mission Communit​y College District through the utilization of proper facilities and creation of programs that enhance community life, including programs that enrich educational, cultural and community services opportunities.​


Allocation of Funds Policy

Land Corporation Board of Directors

It is noted that all members of the Board of Trustees of the West Valley-Mission Community College District are members of this Board and all or a majority of the Trustess may be in attendance at this meeting.


We are excited to announce that we have transitioned to BoardDocs! 

As of January 2022, you may find Land Corporation documents by visiting the BoardDocs website.  Once on the BoardDoc's site, from the upper right hand corner, use the drop down menu to access the Land Corporation's site.

Not less than 72 hours prior to each Regular Meeting and 24 hours prior to each Special Meeting, the agenda for the meeting is posted on each campus and is also posted on BoardDocs.  It is important to check the agenda for each meeting to verify the location and start time of the meeting.

Contact:  Christina Booth, Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration

[email protected] 


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