Student Engagement Center

MainBuildingReplacement Render.png

Mission’s new (3)-story 101,400 GSF facility is the second phase of the eventual replacement of the original Main Building. The new building is steel frame construction with glass curtain wall and insulated metal panels which carries forward a similar design aesthetic from the Gillmor Center completed in 2014. Another significant part of this project will be the demolition and reconstruction of the main entrance to the campus from Mission College Blvd. It will include improved traffic routing and new college entry signage consisting of vertical granite slabs, concrete and corten metal. A large digital marquis will provide information to the community regarding events & activities on campus.
The Student Engagement Center will house the following College functions:

1st Floor:

  •     Welcome Center

  •     Student Assessment Lab

  •     A&R

  •     Student Counseling

  •     Misc. Student Support Programs

  •     Student Study Lounge and Coffee Bar

  •     ASC

  •     Conference Rooms

  •     Faculty Work Room

  •     Faculty Lounge

2nd Floor:

  • Interdisciplinary Classrooms

  • Faculty Work Room

  • Conference Rooms

  • Faculty Offices

3rd Floor:

  • Interdisciplinary Classrooms

  • Exterior Classrooms/Event space

  • 3rd floor Balcony

  • Faculty Lounge

  • Faculty Work Room

  • Conference Rooms

  • College Administration