​​​​Albert Moore  

Albert Moore

Associate Vice Chancellor
Albert Moore

​ Albert M. Moore is the Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources for the West Valley-Mission Community College District. In his role, Mr. Moore sets the strategy for the District’s human resources operations for the 1,400 faculty and staff working at West Valley College, Mission College, and the District Office. Mr. Moore serves as the District’s chief labor negotiator and liaison with its four labor unions and two employee associations, and oversees diversity programs, employee benefits, learning and professional development, legal compliance, accommodations, personnel, and recruitment. He serves as the District’s Title IX Coordinator. A significant component of his portfolio is responsibility for the District’s Equal Employment Opportunity compliance.  Mr. Moore serves as a member of the California (State) Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Advisory Committee.​

​Prior to his position in Human Resources he served as the Special Assistant to the Chancellor. In total, he has served as a member of the Executive Management Team since 1999, the longest-serving team member. Additionally, Albert has served as facilitator of the District Council (highest District participatory governance body) since 1997; and as chair of the District Joint Accreditation Steering Committee, coordinating individual college and District support, documentation, and cooperation at all phases of continuous accreditation processes. Mr. Moore’s affiliation with the District began when he served as Director of Admissions and Records at West Valley College from 1995-99. He was Classified Senate President at the College from 1996-98.

Mr. Moore received his BA in anthropology from Dickinson College, and was inducted into the Alpha Chapter of Pennsylvania of Phi Beta Kappa. His master’s degree is in social work from the University of Pennsylvania. The majority of Mr. Moore’s career was spent in student services, including the University of Pennsylvania, San Francisco State University, Santa Clara University, and Holy Names College.

His community service includes serving as a Commissioner on the County of Santa Clara/Province of Florence, Italy Sister County Commission. He is the Chair of the Commission’s Education Committee.