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Board of Trustees

Meet the Board of Trustees

A seven member, locally-elected Board of Trustees governs the West Valley-Mission Community College District.  Elected by Trustee Area, Board members serve four-year terms.  Elections take place in even-numbered years, with three members chosen at one election and four members at the next.

The Board's meeting schedule is posted below. 

Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule, 2016

Not less than 72 hours prior to each Regular Meeting and 24 hours prior to each Special Meeting, the meeting agenda is posted on each campus and the agenda packet is posted on the District's website.  It is important to check the agenda for each meeting to verify the location and start-time of the meeting.

Board agendas and minutes, District Policies and Procedures, and information regarding Board members are available by clicking on the links in the box to the right.

The Board of Trustees also sits as the Mission-West Valley Land Corporation.  More information regarding this organization is available at the link to the left.

Contact the Board

A message may be sent to all members of the Board of Trustees by clicking on the following link:    All Trustees

A message can be sent to an individual Board member by clicking on the appropriate name:

Trustee Adrienne Grey - Trustee Area 6, President

Trustee Anne Kepner - Trustee Area 3, Vice President

Trustee Steve Landau - Trustee Area 4

Trustee Jack LucasTrustee Area 5

Trustee Robert Owens -  Trustee Area 2

Trustee Susan Fish - Trustee Area 7

Trustee Karl Watanabe - Trustee Area 1

Maps of the 7 Trustee Areas are available at the following links:
Trustee Area 1
Trustee Area 2
Trustee Area 3
Trustee Area 4
Trustee Area 5
Trustee Area 6
Trustee Area 7

To verify the Trustee Area in which you reside, please visit the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters website at www.sccgov.org/sites/rov.

District Documents

District Mission Statement

District Strategic Plan

Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule, 2016

Board of Trustees Goals, 2015-16

Fiscal Year 2015-16 Final District Budget

The District's 2008 Organizational Review is available at: