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Developing systems to provide for continuous improvement of our institution to accomplish its mission by improving the attitudes, skills, knowledge, and performance of people within our Colleges and District.

Welcome to the West Valley - Mission Community College District Staff Development website.  In the coming months, this helpful resource will be re-designed to provide you with access to the District HR Training calendar, class descriptions, monthly newsletter articles and forms.

We are pleased to announce a new resource for you, as a District employee.  Effective May 1, 2011, you will be able to access technology and efficiency training via webinar right at your desktop - at no cost to you or your department.

This training program is co-sponsored by Human Resources and Information Systems, and will provide you with classes to learn and enhance your skills with tools such as Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.  Additionally, classes are available on topics such as Business Writing, Effective Meetings, and Accomplishing More with Less.  Classes range in length from 90 minutes to 2 hours, and you may take as many as you'd like.  Your attendance in these classes is paid once you register, so please make every effort to work with your supervisor to ensure that you are able to take the class uninterrupted before you register.

Registration is easy- simply follow the link below and register using your District email address.  You will receive a confirmation email through the vendor, People-On-the-Go, which will provide you with a link to join the class and a dial-in number for audio.  We recommend that you use a headset or an office with a closed door for webinars.


Please contact Sarah Caravalho Khan, Director of Human Resources or Ron Smith, Director of Information Systems,  with any questions about the webinars.