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 How to Register for WVM Alerts


You do not have to create a WVM Alert account if you are a student, faculty or full-time employee of WVMCCD.  You are automatically loaded into the WVM Alert system.  Keep your information up-to-date in the college portal and your information will be current in WVM Alert. 


Everyone else must register and keep their own information up-to-date on the WVM Alert website.


To Register:

Click on the orange WVM Alert link on the upper right side of the District website home page (www.wvm.edu).


Follow the instructions to register on that site.


When you are logged in to your account, you must complete two steps that aren’t obvious.

You must VERIFY your cell phone number.  Click the button and you will receive a confirmation code on your cell phone.  Enter the confirmation code on the website mask.

2. You must ADD YOURSELF TO A GROUP under the Groups tab on your Account page.   The groups are the places where you spend your time. It's how WVM-Alert knows where you are.

Do you attend classes or work at West Valley College? You should join the West Valley Campus OPT-IN group

Do you attend classes or work at Mission College? You should join the Mission Campus OPT-IN group.

Do you spend time on BOTH campuses? You should join BOTH groups.

1. Select the Groups tab

2. Under Official Groups, select the Opt-in group you want to join

3. Under Group Details->Group Status, click Join


Note: The default group WVMCCD Broadcast Alerts DOES NOT receive alerts. Ignore this option.


A list of Frequently Asked Questions is on the website if you get stuck.  It is also available on the District website at www.wvm.edu/emergency.  While you are on the District site, go to the Emergency Information page and review the Safety Training videos and Emergency Guidelines so you can confidently respond to emergencies.


If you have questions, please email wvmAlert@wvm.edu or call the Emergency Services Coordinator at 408-741-2676.


For the full list of Frequently Asked Questions, go to www.wvm.edu/emergency and click on WVM Alert FAQs.


1. What is WVM Alert?

WVM Alert is a Campus emergency messaging system used by West Valley and Mission colleges to ALERT students, faculty, staff and visitors of emergencies and other situations affecting our campuses.

Messages are sent by West Valley Mission Community College District Police, Emergency Management personnel, the Public Information Officer or other trained staff.

As a part of this service you will periodically receive text messages. The frequency of these messages will depend on how frequently WVMCCD sends messages through this service.


This service is compatible with the products and services provided by AT&T, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and most other mobile phone carriers. A complete list of supported carriers is displayed during phone registration.


2. How are the messages sent to me?

Due to the mobile nature of many campus affiliates, cell phones are often the best way to reach the campus population during an emergency. Campus safety officials will use voice calls and text messages to cell phones to ensure delivery and comprehension of the message. Email messages and office phones may also be used.


WVM-Alert is not the only way we notify you of emergencies.

If you hear the fire alarm – evacuate the building

If you hear instructions via the public address system – follow the instructions given. The PA system is not available in every campus building at this time.

If a classroom phone rings – answer it and follow instructions

If you are asked to take action by a Campus Emergency Response Team member wearing a reflective vest – follow their directions

If you see instructions on the campus electronic signs, website, Facebook or Twitter sites – take appropriate action


3. What situations prompt a WVM Alert?

Situations could include:

Active shooter on campus = Lockdown – Run, Hide, Fight

Building Evacuation

Campus Closure

Shelter in Place - Event requiring everyone to stay indoors (different from a Lockdown)


4. What should I do when I receive a WVM Alert?

Each situation requires a different set of actions.
Review the Emergency Guidelines posters positioned around campus or go to www.wvm.edu/emergency and review the more detailed Emergency Guidelines and other emergency information provided.


If you are driving and receive a WVM Alert pull over, when convenient, and read or listen to the message before you enter the campus.


5. How will you send out emergency updates?

We only use WVM-Alert to send out initial emergency reports and “All Clears”.  Updates will be posted on Facebook and Twitter.  If you don’t have accounts, you can still access the information via links posted on the www.wvm.edu/emergency site under “Emergency Info Updates”



•  Mission College Facebook https://m.facebook.com/pages/Mission-College/359222180118

•  West Valley College Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/westvalleycollege?ref=br_tf&rf=110883848936359

•  You do not have to have a Facebook account to view the Facebook page.  Just type the link on the URL line on your web browser or save the link in your contacts.



•  Mission College Twitter @missioncolleges (yes, there is an “s” at the end)

•  West Valley College Twitter @WestValleyCC

•  You do not have to have a Twitter account to get updates on Twitter.  Just type the @name on the URL line on your web browser.  Save it in your contacts for reference.

Note:  There is an old twitter account called @missioncollege1, no longer in use


6. Is there a fee for this service?

The service does not charge any fees; however, your standard mobile device charges do apply.