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The Purchasing Department is committed to the overall success of the West Valley Mission Community College District by facilitating satisfactory receipt of all required goods and services in a timely and economical manner and to insure compliance with state and federal laws, board policies and administrative regulations.


Location:       Warehouse & Facilities  

Hours:           7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday 

  Phone:           (408) 741-2088 

 Fax:               (408) 867-9523



Informal Bidding Application      



Open Bids : 


Bid #01-1617 WVC Cooling Towers Replacement

Bid #02-1617 WVC School of Professional Studies

Bid #03-1617 WVC Student Center Hazmat Abatement

BID #04-1617 WVC Administration High Voltage Cutover

Bid #05-1617  WVC Boiler Room Electrical Panel Replacement

Bid #06-1617 WVC Planetarium

Bid #07-1617 WVC Student Services Demolition

Bid 13-1617 MC HVAC Controls

Bid 14-1617 WVC Pool Boilers Procurement

Bid #15-1617 WVC Tennis Court Resurface

Bid #16-1617 WVC Student Services Prequalification

Prequalification Application Announcement

16-1617 WVC Student Services Building

16-1617 Set II WVC Student Services Building

16-1617 Set III WVC Student Services Building

Bid #17-1617 WVC Student Services LOR

Bid #18-1617 WVC Student Services IOR

RFQ #20-1617 Architect Pool

Bid #21-1617 MC Main Building Front Entry Signs